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Security Guards Upgrade Commercial and Office Security



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Security guards elevate your company’s overall security strategy. Commercial and office security best practices start with evaluating the needs of your specific business. Today’s security landscape offers businesses a plethora of solutions from cutting-edge technology to expert security personnel. 


Between current market conditions and daily operations, the last thing any office wants to contend with is intruders, robberies, and employee disruptions. To best provide a safe environment for your staff, clients, vendors, and employees hire professional security guards. Security guards upgrade commercial and office security by adding a human touch to your existing security technology and strategies. 

Mobile Patrols Increase Commercial and Office Security

When it comes to providing commercial and office security, mobile patrols are a great option. Mobile patrols are highly visible from the outside of your office warding off many would-be criminals on sight. Mobile patrols are also unpredictable for those who are seeking to enter or exit your premises covertly.


Acts of vandalism and arson are also serious concerns for offices and commercial enterprises. There were more than 1,800 arsons involving commercial buildings in 2022, and the number grows year by year. More than a billion dollars is done in damage from vandalism each year, and businesses are finding it harder and harder to get their insurance policies to cover the cost. Many of these types of crimes can be headed off by an active and diligent mobile patrol. 


Mobile patrols scare off most vandals and arsonists. They catch many others early enough in the act to prevent excessive damage and can even aid in their prosecution. 


Mobile patrols also provide commercial and office security by patrolling parking lots. This works to prevent:

  • Parking by unwanted or unregistered vehicles
  • Illegal parking
  • Theft
  • Break-ins
  • Vandalism to vehicles

Security Guards Provide Commercial and Office Security 

Offices and commercial facilities have unique security concerns that can be addressed by security guards. 


Security guards help to protect staff members by being able to de-escalate altercations and address irate personnel and customers. They can even be helpful when dealing with a hostile termination


Uniformed security officers enhance the reputation of your business because they show your commitment to safety. They remind staff and visitors alike that the company doesn’t tolerate inappropriate behavior on their premises. They are proactive and keep their eyes open for suspicious behavior.


Hiring security guards, like those at Allstate Security, also provides your office with a valuable resource for help with emergency planning and security systems as their insight can give you a significant advantage in these areas. 

Security Guards are a Cost Effective Commercial and Office Security Solution

Security guards are a cost-effective solution for offices and commercial spaces for several reasons. Most importantly, security guards save countless dollars in preventing losses and damages as well as potential lawsuits by preventing potential issues. Because security guards make great witnesses and provide excellent documentation of incidents, they often aid in the prosecution of offenders and payment of restitution when someone does damage your property.


In some cases, you will even find that you pay lower insurance premiums when you hire security guards for commercial and office security. Check with your provider to find out about potential savings on insurance premiums for your business. 

Security Guards for Commercial and Office Security at Allstate Security

Allstate Security is California’s premiere security guard company, providing the industry’s best armed security guards, unarmed security guards, mobile patrol, and special event security. Whatever your commercial and office security needs, Allstate Security has you covered. 


Call Allstate Security at 866-475-3818 to discuss the specific security concerns and strategy of your business or visit Allstate online for a free quote now. Don’t wait, get started today!