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What Is Executive Security



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Executive Security Officers in CA, CO & WI

Executive protection involves taking security measures to ensure the safety of public figures. If a person is at an elevated safety risk due to their employment or celebrity status, they often need private security. AllState Security offers executive security services to Colorado, California, and Wisconsin. Executive protection goes beyond bodyguard services to provide heightened security measures. Our experienced team will explain executive protection services and what it means to protect a person that needs additional security.

Executive Security Protecting a VIP

Who Needs Executive Protection?

Many people only believe celebrities need additional security. The truth is that anyone vulnerable due to their status needs heightened security. Some people that may need VIP protection include:

  • Political figures

  • Executives

  • Professional athletes

  • Wealthy individuals

  • Celebrities

How Is Executive Protection Different From a Bodyguard?

A bodyguard is often larger in physical build to look intimidating and ready to step in if a person’s safety is jeopardized. A bodyguard is typically more focused on reacting to dangerous situations instead of focusing on risk mitigation strategies. A personal security guard goes through extensive risk assessment training to ensure they can handle the additional security. All it takes is one dangerous event to change a person’s life forever. A personal security officer is trained to handle any type of event and keep the person as safe as possible.

What Does an Executive Protection Agent Do?

An executive protection specialist plans and executes a safety plan for their client. They work to keep clients and their families as safe as possible. They must map out routes, know entrances and exits, and always have a backup plan. Some private security officers are drivers for their clients, provide event facilitation, and safeguard highly confidential information. We customize our executive protection services to meet the needs of each client.

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AllState Security provides the best security services in the market. We’re committed to keeping you as safe as possible. Our executive protection services are backed by thorough and ongoing training. We stay updated on the latest security measures for additional protection. Contact us today to learn more about our executive protection services.