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Why Hire Security Guards for Your Hotel



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Security guards for hotels are an absolute must. Many people consider the lack of security at a hotel or motel to be a deal breaker and will find another place to stay.


Losing guests isn’t the biggest problem not having visible security can cause a hotel. Lacking obvious security is an invitation to criminals to come in and set up shop at your establishment. Once the criminals have discovered your business, it can be hard to get rid of them.


Did you know that too much criminal activity can cost you your business? Once a business becomes a nuisance to the community it can be prosecuted, fined, and eventually shut completely down. The only way to prevent this from happening to you is by hiring top-notch security, like the guards at Allstate Security.

What are the Benefits of Security Guards for Hotels?

Visibility and proactive security plans are the best deterrent for any kind of business and security guards provide both of these. However, when it comes to hotels and other temporary lodgings, there are specific threats that security guards will address to keep you, your employees, and your guests safe. 


Here’s a quick look at some of the things security guards do at hotels:

  • Oversee Security Systems: All security systems need a human touch and this is especially true at many hotels. From electronic door keys, locked entrances, a plethora of cameras, and lots of people coming and going, a security guard brings all of the elements together for a seamless approach that catches loopholes in security.
  • Regulate Entry Points: A big problem for hotels is unwelcome visitors who are not paying guests. This can range from the visitors of guests to freeloaders at a continental breakfast or pool. Security guards can ensure that only registered guests and wanted visitors are using the property. 
  • Mobile Patrol: A mobile patrol keeps an eye on the perimeter of your property and what goes on outside your hotel building. This can prevent illegal activity you might not otherwise be aware of as well as property damage. 
  • Emergency Response: Security guards undergo rigorous training to effectively address emergencies. They are equipped to assist guests during fire incidents, provide aid to injured individuals, and handle acts of violence with composure. Trained to support victims until professional help arrives, security officers are prepared to handle various scenarios.
  • Protection of Staff and Premises: Hotel staff may not always possess the training necessary to manage disruptive guests who become unruly. In such instances, security guards intervene to mitigate threats and maintain order. Additionally, security services prioritize monitoring areas where staff handle cash to prevent potential criminal targeting.

How to Hire Security Guards for Your Hotel

Allstate Security provides security for hotels ranging from smaller boutique lodgings to large luxury hotels. They can provide armed or unarmed security guards as well as mobile patrols. 


Call (888) 210-7333 or visit Allstate Security online to get a quote or discuss how they can help you provide your guests and staff with state-of-the-art security and expert personnel.