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Why Fraternal Organizations Need Security Guards



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When you join a fraternal organization, like the American Legion, the Masons, or the Eagles, among many others, you don’t worry about security. These organizations are all about friendship, brotherly love, and doing positive things. Even the events they organize are in most cases purely happy, family-friendly events. 


Unfortunately, these days, everyone has to think about security. This is true even for organizations that haven’t had to deal with those kinds of issues in the past.

Philadelphia, USA - May 28, 2019: The residential area around the University of Pennsylvania, has many large old houses with large porches used as fraternity and sorority houses.

When Do Fraternal Organizations Need Security Guards?

Not every fraternal organization needs a security guard on a full-time round-the-clock basis, but some do. Small chapters that don’t meet very often and rarely have events will find it unnecessary to hire security personnel. However, many fraternal organizations have large compounds, clubs, or other property that is handled as a business.


Many local chapters of the Moose and Eagles have clubs that include small restaurants and bars. They have regular events and are sometimes open nearly 24 hours per day. These types of clubs often come with large parking lots and other areas that need protection. 


These types of organizations experience all of the same issues that any other business would from employee theft to rowdy patrons to car break-ins. Security guards help prevent these kinds of problems. They can help by providing security at doors, patrolling the parking lot, and protecting the property during hours that it is not operating.

Security Guards for Events

As discussed above, not all of these organizations need full-time security personnel. However, just because it isn’t a full-time need, doesn’t mean that it isn’t needed at all. For many fraternal organizations, it is best to have security during certain times of the year, during specific meetings, or at community events. 


When your organization holds a community event, suddenly you are no longer only dealing with a close-knit group of friends who can easily be trusted. Now the entire community and even people outside the community come into play. That means that in reality, anyone could show up. This is when a small local chapter does need to hire security. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to see an organization’s reputation damaged or an event ruined by people who don’t have anything to do with your event in the first place.


Security guards are wonderful for providing extra eyes and ears at the site of admission, during an event, and even in parking lots as event goers are leaving. Don’t leave your organization or its patrons open to being victims of crime at your events. Hire security guards and prevent problems before they happen. 

Hire Security Guards for your Fraternal Organization

One of the hardest things about hiring security for your fraternal organization is that you may not know exactly what you need. Reach out to AllState Security. They can help you design solutions that fit your organization’s needs as well as keep all of your members and patrons safe.


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