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Security Guard Protection for Schools



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Security guard protection is needed on today’s educational campuses as they face an unprecedented number of security concerns. From theft to property damage to violence, schools are responsible for protecting educators, students, and visitors. Security guards provide the extra layer of protection to get the job done. 

Security Guard Mobile Patrol for Schools

Mobile patrols provide active surveillance on campus. These patrols have the ability to cover large areas quickly and provide a fast response. This gives them an advantage when dealing with large numbers of students or a sprawling campus. 


Mobile patrols do not necessarily use fixed routes which makes their very visible appearance unpredictable. This keeps criminals guessing and makes planning a crime on campus much more difficult. 


Mobile patrols are an effective way to keep large campuses safe. For schools that allow students to drive personal vehicles on campus, the mobile patrol can also be a great tool for dealing with problems associated with driving and parking concerns. 

Security Guards for Student Housing

Student housing can be an integral part of an educational experience, but it also has its own security hazards. Whether they are small children or adults, a large group of students presents security concerns best met by a professional uniformed security guard. 


When considering the security of a group of students, they need to be protected from outsiders and each other. Additionally, their property and the area where they reside and attend class need to be kept secure. 


Security guards, like those at Allstate Security, are dedicated to protecting people and property. They use technology to their advantage, but some of their most effective methods come from great training. 


Security guards are trained to be proactive and de-escalate tense situations. This prevents many problems before they ever start. Being personable and friendly also helps because it allows them to be more accessible to students when concerns do arise. 

Security Guards & Guns on Campus

School shootings have become an unfortunate reality for far too many institutions across the United States. 38 school shootings in 2023 resulted in injuries or deaths. The best way to address school shootings is to prevent them-and that starts with a robust security plan that includes well-trained, professional personnel. 


Security guards patrol and monitor to stay on top of potential concerns. They can provide entry point access control that allows for a much more thorough check for weapons that could be brought onto a campus. They watch for suspicious situations and keep an ear to the ground to have a better check on the pulse of a campus. 


In a worst-case scenario, security guards can quickly respond to an emergency and help provide crucial information about the scene to law enforcement and the judicial system. 

Security Guards Potect Campus Property

Security guards on a school campus provide protection for the students and their property. Guards also provide protection for school property. 


Some educational institutions have millions of dollars worth of equipment and reality on their campuses. Security guards protect a campus from vandalism, theft, burglary, and arson by monitoring the comings and goings, as well as the behavior of those on the premises. 


Security companies train guards to use mobile patrols, surveillance cameras, and many other types of technology to keep school property safe and secure. 

Security Guards for Campus Safety

Keep your campus safe for students and faculty, as well as visitors. Hire professional security guards who can provide surveillance, assistance, and even prevent security concerns. 


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