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Safeguard Valuable Cargo with Security Guards



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Almost three-quarters of retailers feel that supply chain disruptions are getting worse- and that number has doubled in the last year. Cargo theft is getting worse and worse. It is now costing upwards of $30 billion per year. These costs are damaging to businesses as well as the economy as a whole. 


We have all seen the pictures of thieves attacking slow-moving cargo trains. What was once only an issue with high-priced goods is now creeping into tools, toys, and even food and beverages. The problem has gotten so bad there is now special insurance being offered to protect against cargo theft. 


While this problem is damaging to literally everyone in the country who buys anything, it is absolutely a nightmare for logistics companies. Many have found that the only truly effective method for handling these types of issues is to hire professional uniformed security guards. 

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How Do Security Guards Protect Cargo?

Security guards are essential in the logistics industry to protect valuable cargo from theft and security breaches. In a fast-paced environment, where the smooth movement of goods is crucial, security guards act as a crucial defense, mitigating risks such as theft and vandalism.

Here’s how

  • Prevention and Deterrence: Security guards primarily deter criminals by their mere presence, signaling that a logistics facility is well-protected. Criminals are less likely to target such locations due to the risk of immediate detection and apprehension. Therefore, having security guards strategically placed can significantly decrease the chances of theft and security incidents.
  • Close Monitoring: Security guards play an active role by patrolling and using advanced surveillance technology to monitor facilities closely. They utilize tools such as security cameras, motion sensors, and access control systems to enhance cargo safety, ensuring that nothing suspicious goes unnoticed.
  • Quick Response: Security guards are trained to respond quickly and effectively in case of a security breach, minimizing potential harm. Their rapid assessment and action can be the key to preventing a minor incident from becoming a major security breach. Being on-site allows security guards to address issues promptly, limiting the impact on a logistics company’s operations and reputation.
  • Asset Protection: Security guards offer personalized protection for valuable cargo, whether in transit or stored at logistics facilities. They oversee loading and unloading, ensuring the cargo’s integrity and secure transport. They also enforce strict access control to prevent unauthorized entry into restricted areas, safeguarding high-value goods, sensitive materials, and classified data.
  • Protecting Personnel: In addition to safeguarding valuable cargo, security guards prioritize the safety of logistics company employees. Their presence fosters a secure environment, instilling confidence in the workforce. This sense of safety allows employees to concentrate on their duties without concerns about security, resulting in increased morale, productivity, and employee retention, ultimately benefiting the success of the logistics company.
  • Crisis Management: Security guards are well-prepared to handle natural disasters through effective crisis management protocols. They can help evacuate personnel, protect essential assets, and collaborate with emergency services, thus reducing potential harm and ensuring a coordinated response to such incidents.

Protect Your Valuable Cargo Now

If you are in the business of moving or relying on valuable cargo, you need professional protection. Call AllState Security at (888) 210-7333 and hire the very best for your business.