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Does My Grocery Store Need a Security Guard?



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The grocery industry generated almost $850 billion in the United States in 2022, and the industry has doubled in size in just the last 30 years. With 40% of people making a trip to their local grocer at least once a week, it seems that this isn’t likely to change any time soon. However, the industry as a whole is changing, and that is something that is causing concern among local grocers and their suppliers. 


150 million people now reportedly shop for their groceries online and that is something all brick-and-mortar grocery stores are aware of. This is in addition to the ever-present problem that locally-owned businesses already have competing with box stores. 


One competitive edge that some grocers may not have considered is security. Hiring security guards is a good way to not only secure your location and product but it is also a way to increase customer confidence and gain a competitive edge over other stores. 

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How Security Guards Help at Local Grocery Stores

There are many facets to a grocery store and just as many ways that security guards can help make them safer places that run more smoothly. 

Guards Make Shoppers Feel Safe

Brick-and-mortar grocery markets are more likely to have and cater to customers who are over 50. This is usually because these customers prefer the personal touch of face-to-face interactions and are also leery of their security when putting financial details online. This means that making these customers feel safe while at your store should be a top priority. 

When customers see security patrols in the parking lot and uniformed security guards in the store, they know they can relax and not be worried about criminals ruining their shopping trip or their car being broken into while they are inside. 

Security Guards Enhance the Customer Experience

Security Guards like those at AllState Security help grocery stores that they are assigned to be providing excellent customer service. They are always professional, polite, and courteous. Guards can help direct customers as well as see them safely into and out of the store. AllState’s security guards always go above and beyond the call of duty to provide excellent service and build positive relationships with your customers. 

Uniformed Security Guards Prevent Theft

Theft has always been, and still is, one of the biggest problems facing grocery stores. Grocers and other retailers lose almost $100 billion per year to shrinkage and theft is the largest cause of shrinkage. 

In terms of grocery stores, theft ranges from shoplifting to embezzlement. There are many places and ways that people can attempt to steal from a grocery store. Security guards can protect against all of them. Their presence will prevent many types of theft, but they also prevent and catch stealing by monitoring a store both personally and electronically. 

Nothing will prevent every form of shrinkage, but hiring a security guard is a good start and will put an abrupt end to most thefts happening in any business, no matter who the perpetrators are. 

The Best Security for Grocery Stores

Don’t let theft ruin the bottom line of your grocery store and don’t let criminals scare your customers away. Call AllState Security now at (888) 210-7333 and hire the best security guards for your grocery store.