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Protest Preparedness: Safeguarding Your Business with Allstate Security



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With the rise in protests over the past few years, businesses are increasingly finding themselves unintentionally affected. While companies themselves are not typically the target, storefront businesses often find themselves caught in the midst of such events. If your local area has experienced recent protests, you might be concerned about safeguarding your business.

A rear view of parking security watching over parking area. Security guard is protecting property from illegal parking and theft.

Recent statistics reveal that approximately 95% of protests that took place in the United States during the summer of 2020 were peaceful. Nevertheless, it is difficult to predict which ones may turn violent. It is crucial to be prepared by implementing appropriate security measures to help ensure the safety of your team.

Ideally, you would have sufficient security measures in place that never need to be employed. However, in the event that a protest escalates into civil unrest, you will have the necessary resources at your disposal. Discover the steps you can take to enhance security for your business during a protest.

Improve the Safety of Your Business During Protests with Allstate Security Guards

Being equipped with basic security measures is essential for any potential threat, including protests or other emergencies. Maintaining preparedness is key, and here are some recommended preparations:

  • Plan: Establish a comprehensive building evacuation plan and lockdown procedure, regularly reviewing and updating it as necessary. Conduct drills with your staff at least once a year to help ensure everyone is familiar with the protocols.
  • Prepare for lockdown: Create emergency lockdown kits containing essential supplies like food, water, and flashlights for individuals present in your building during emergencies.
  • Maintain an employee list: Keep an up-to-date record of all employees, tenants, contractors, and other occupants of the building. Regularly review the list to determine who requires access during emergencies and who does not.
  • Establish communication with law enforcement: Foster a strong relationship with local law enforcement agencies and involve them in your practice drills. Collaborating with them can enhance preparedness and response efforts.

Protecting Your Assets During Demonstrations or Protests: What Steps Should Your Company Take?

Your team’s safety is of utmost importance, especially during evolving situations like demonstrations or protests. Additionally, violent altercations can pose risks to your property and other valuable assets. It is crucial to help ensure that you and your personnel are aware of essential tips for protest safety and safeguarding your business from potential violence. Consider the following measures for you and your building occupants:

  • Seek shelter inside if the situation becomes dangerous. Prioritize the safety of your team by remaining indoors and avoiding unnecessary exposure to potential risks.
  • Stay updated through news and social media channels as the event progresses. Monitor the situation closely to stay informed about any developments or changes.
  • Keep nonessential individuals away from the area, even if the protest appears peaceful. Minimize the presence of unnecessary personnel to reduce potential risks and maintain a secure environment.
  • Avoid attempting to pass through a group of protesters if faced with resistance, violence, or threats. It is important to prioritize safety and choose alternative routes when necessary.
  • Maintain a nonconfrontational approach when dealing with intruders or peaceful protestors. Seek to de-escalate any potential conflicts and diffuse tense situations to prevent the escalation of violence.
  • Contact the police promptly if you observe signs of violence, looting, property damage, or any credible threat. Report any concerning incidents to law enforcement for their intervention and assistance.
  • Communicate with building occupants regarding any incidents or details that may impact their safety. Help ensure open lines of communication, providing necessary updates and guidance to promote a sense of security among the occupants.

By following these guidelines, your company can take proactive steps to protect both your team and your assets during demonstrations or protests.

Stay Proactive with General Preparedness Measures

When it comes to safeguarding your business during protests, Allstate Security is here to provide expert assistance. Our team of security professionals specializes in preparing you for every potential threat, whether it’s a scheduled demonstration or an unscheduled gathering. With our comprehensive security solutions, including armed or unarmed security guards, you can effectively deter threats and maintain a secure environment.


Don’t let concerns about protest-related risks keep you up at night. Take proactive steps to fortify your business by reaching out to Allstate Security today. Call us at (888) 210-7333 to schedule a consultation with our security experts. Together, we’ll develop a tailored security strategy that meets your specific needs, ensuring peace of mind during challenging times.