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Educational Institutions Security



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INVICTA SECURITY CA CORPORATION DBA Allstate Security, understands that higher education institutions are often broken up into numerous academic departments and administrative offices, each offering a specific curriculum of study or service. As a result of this, the administration and control of technology infrastructure is often decentralized. This decentralization can mean that separate units maintain their own information technology departments that in turn maintain applications and hardware specific to the unit’s function and mission.

Why AllState?

Our company only hire the right people to be in the right place properly trained a motivated. Our goals are to teach a mode a behavior and performance consistent with our expectation of excellence deserving of our client .simply we developed people to be proficient with specialized instructions and practice.

Our Functions

To ensure AllState employs only the most qualified security guards, all candidates undergo a strict selection process. They must pass interviewing and testing from our senior professionals as well as rigorous physical testing. Our process gauges levels of physical strength, mental acuity, integrity, security proficiency and commitment and dedication to duty.

Respond to unauthorized activities & Contact local Authorities.

Monitoring all activities involving large groups of people.

Examined doors, windows, gates and make sure thet are secure.

Maintaining a safe environment for visitors and employees and other.

Quality Control as Way of Life

Achieving and maintaining compliance is no easy task for rapidly growing, complex, decentralized organizations like colleges and universities. Which is why Allstate security has created a suite of service packages specifically designed to assist educational institutions in dealing with the challenges presented by the PCI DSS.